Yesterday we had a chance to discuss what a computer is. Today let’s see why we need a computer. As I said earlier, computer is a multipurpose device. But still there are some specific uses, for which they are used often.

Let me list out some of them.

1.     Office Applications

2.     Multimedia consumption

3.     Internet

4.     Multimedia creation

Office Applications

It includes a word processor; excel spread sheet or equivalent, PowerPoint and etc. Most of the users use Microsoft Office for this purpose. But there are some other good alternatives too such as open office, Google docs, spread sheet etc.

Here I wish to give you a most needed tip. Always we should keep ourselves updated; at least we should update our software as and when they are released.

Can you realise where I’m heading into?

I have seen most of the people using Microsoft Office XP even today. They are out-dated. Please switch over to Microsoft Office 2010. We were talking about a tip right!

The tip is to convert .docx documents to .doc

Do you know why this is needed?

If you’re working on MS Office 2010 in office and you simply save the file there and bring it to home then, when you open such documents in older version of MS office, those files with extensions docx, xlsx, pptx etc., won’t open.

So you need to save them as doc, xls, ppt that is MS office 2003 format. But what is the alternative, if you have not done that and if you don’t have MS office 2007 or 2010.

Here comes the tip.

1.     Go here

2.     Browse and upload your .docx files

3.     Click Download

4.     Download doc document

After downloading it you can use it in a computer which doesn’t have MS office 2007 or higher.

Word processors are used to create, edit documents. Excel spread sheet is used to create charts, do calculations, create functions, compare data etc. PowerPoint presentations are used to do presentations, present slides etc.

But why we need to update to latest software?

Mostly younger generations are very adventurous; they like to experience latest software. But our older generation or seniors just say that they are happy and comfortable with those older versions. So this suggestion is for those who hesitate to update.

Latest software brings

1.     More security

2.     More features

3.     More responsiveness

4.     New eye pleasing look

5.     Simple controls, if you get used to it

Another important reason is that. “When you’re in Rome do what Romans do”, do you know what I mean? If everyone is updating and if you don’t update yours then you will be left behind.

Multimedia consumption

First what is multimedia?

Remember I will never ask you definitions. Don’t think multimedia is some software or something unknown to you. Multimedia is nothing but multiple media formats such as MP3 songs, video songs, films etc. Then why I’m mentioning it as consumption here? It means you’re viewing it. Multimedia creation is another field, which we will see in next segment.

Today the world is moving towards Full HD, as they have already crossed HD. So here comes the question what is HD or High Definition?

It mentions the resolution of the video.

1.     1280 x 720 or 720p or HD

2.     1920 x 1080 or 1080p or Full HD

What do these numbers actually mean? It’s just number of dots. Resolution means number of dots in the screen.

  • Dots put together forms a line
  • Lines put together forms image
  • Images put together forms video
  • More number of dots means more quality

But rendering (like processing) more dots needs more resources (means more RAM, faster processor etc.). Almost all of the computer users use their computers for watching videos and hearing songs. So everyone should see whether their computer is ready to play HD videos. We shall see more about this in “Is your PC HD ready?” section.


This is the highly emerging one in the field of computers. Most of us have internet connection in our home in one way or other such as mobile data connection, broadband connection, Wi-Fi etc. Internet has several purposes. To list some,

1.     Video chat, email, social networking

2.     Data sharing

3.     E commerce

4.     Online games

5.     YouTube, blogs, tutorials etc.

Among these, E commerce is an important one to discuss. It includes online purchase and sale of products. Do you know? You can buy products with 10-25% discount normally in online shops, compared to the shops you visit usually.

How they do it cheaper?

1.     No need of physical shops in heart of the city

2.     No need of employees to welcome and showcase you their products

3.     No need of parking arrangements

4.     They buy goods in bulk, as their market is virtually limitless

5.     They buy directly from manufacturers, so they get discounts, which they give you back as coupon codes

6.     You can also get some rare imported goods too

Besides these, people are not aware of some risks involved in it. So they fear to buy products online. We shall deal with this more on “How to buy goods online?

Media Creation

This segment is something technical and is meant for medium to advanced users. Highly advanced users go for Mac OS, for advanced video editing. Since I wished to make this course as simple as possible, let’s just have an overview of what’s media creation.

As I said earlier about media consumption, the initial stage of the same is media creation. If you create or edit you own MP3 songs, video songs etc., then you’re called as media creator.

If you use your computer for media creation then you should have some decent computer configuration, as this task requires high resources.

Besides these there are several other uses too. But these are the general usage of computers. With this, introduction part is over. Tomorrow let’s get into the core part of our course i.e. basic components and other external components of a computer.