Why you’d know about Computer Hardware?

If you

  • Buy a new computer
  • Upgrade your existing computer
  • Troubleshoot your computer hardware components
  • Want to maximize your computer’s performance
  • then you should know about computer hardware

What is a computer?

Get to know ‘What is a Computer?’ in a practical way

    Why we need a computer?

    Common uses of Computer

    • Office Applications
    • Multimedia consumption
    • Internet
    • Multimedia creation

      What are all the basic parts of a computer?

      Get to know about the basic or internal components and external components of a computer with an interesting real-life example

          What is a processor?

          Processor decides the maximum speed of a computer but the bottleneck of performance of the computer may not be the processor. What is bottleneck?

              How processor works? What are its applications?

              There are 3 types of budget PC users.

              • Casual users
              • Mid-range Gamers
              • Media Creators

              For what price they each should buy a processor?

                  Who are the big bosses in processor industry? Which one you’d choose?

                  1. How to choose the processor you need?
                  2. How to find whether you need more cores or higher clock speed?

                      Day 7 – What is a motherboard? How it works?

                      • What is a motherboard?
                      • What are the functions of North and South Bridge?
                      • Why North bridge is moved inside processor?
                      • What is a socket, RAM slot etc?

                      Day 8 – Which one should I choose? A Costly Processor or Motherboard?

                      If you have a tight budget or surplus money, you can decide between a faster Processor or feature rich Motherboard. That is a costly processor or motherboard?

                      Day 9 – What is an Onboard Graphics? What is an APU?

                      • Is Onboard graphics enough for your games and video playback?
                      • If not, Do you know about APU?
                      • So, When can you opt for an APU? and Where APU is not an option?

                      Day 10 – How to check whether your PC is HD ready?

                      • Find out whether your PC can play HD or Full HD resolution videos.
                      • Is your PC HD Ready?

                      Day 11 – What is RAM? Why we need it? How it works?

                      • How RAM looks like?
                      • Where is it situated?
                      • How does it work, when compared to real-life situations?
                      • What’s the real need of RAM?

                      Day 12 – How much RAM will you need? How to improve the speed of PC using RAM?

                      • Minimum and recommended amount of RAM you need if you’re a Media consumption user or Media creator or Gamer or 3D Modelling software user.
                      • How to find out, “What amount of RAM you need to add?”

                      Day 13 – What is a Graphic card? Why we need a Graphic card? How it works?

                      Graphic cards are not only meant for playing games and watching videos, they have lot many uses. Want to know What are they?

                      Day 14 – Who are big bosses in Graphic card manufacturing? Which one should you prefer?

                      There are 2 major players in Graphic card industry. They are AMD and NVIDIA. Let’s see some facts about them.

                      Day 15 – What is a Hard Disk Drive? Why we need it?

                      • What’s inside a HDD?
                      • What happens to HDD when you shut down your PC improperly?
                      • How to measure the speed of HDD?

                      Day 16 – What is an SSD? How it’s better than HDD? How SSD Works?

                      • Why SSDs are not popular?
                      • Difference between SATA vs. IDE.
                      • Advantages and disadvantages of SSD and HDD

                      Day 17 – What are all the types of optical disk drives available for a computer?

                      • What is an optical disc drive?
                      • How does an optical drive look like?
                      • Do you know how a CD works?
                      • Have you ever noted like this “52X” written on a CD or CD drive?

                      Day 18 – What is a PSU? Why we need it?

                      • Where PSU is located inside a cabinet?
                      • How it will look like?
                      • Why we need it?
                      • What power rating do we need?
                      • Problems faced in a PSU
                      • Symptoms of a PSU failure

                      External components of computer

                      Day 19 – What is a UPS? Why we need it?

                      • How a UPS will look like?
                      • Why a similar rated PC UPS is so cheaper than a Home UPS?
                      • How a prolonged usage in UPS mode can damage your PC?
                      • Why PC UPS batteries have shorter life span?

                      Day 20 – What is a Monitor? What are its Types?

                      • Why Monitor is needed?
                      • What are the drawbacks in CRT?
                      • LCD TV vs LCD monitor
                      • Benefits of LCD Monitors vs. CRT
                      • LCD vs. LED Monitors
                      • Merits and Demerits of Projectors

                      Day 21 – What are the Important Aspects to see before Buying a Monitor?

                      • What is the main purpose of the Monitor that you’re going to buy?
                      • Important criteria that you’d see when you opt for a new Monitor based on your usage and application

                      Day 22 – Why do we need a keyboard and mouse? What are the latest advancements?

                      • What is keyboard and mouse?
                      • How much you should you spend for a Keyboard and Mouse?
                      • Why’d you practice to use Keyboard often?

                      Day 23 – Why do we need a branded cabinet and coolers?

                      • What is a cabinet?
                      • What are the common problems faced in a cheap cabinet?
                      • Why you’d invest more in cabinets?
                      • What will you get in a budget branded cabinets?
                      • What is a cooler?
                      • Why’d you go for an aftermarket cooler?


                      Day 24 – How to Buy PC Components without using Buying Guides?

                      • What will you do if there are no Buying Guides?
                      • What is benchmarking?
                      • Why’d we use Benchmarks?
                      • How to use Forums?
                      • How to decide through User reviews?

                      Day 25 – 9 Easy Steps to Clean Motherboard and other Components of Computer?

                      • Why you’d clean your PC regularly?
                      • What will happen if you don’t clean your PC?
                      • How to do the Basic and Advanced cleaning process in 9 easy steps?

                      Day 26 – 3 Fears Restricting Buyers from Online Shopping in India

                      • Why’d you buy PC components online?
                      • What will I do, if the seller doesn’t ship the item after I pay for it?
                      • Cancellation of order or refund of money
                      • Returns and Replacements

                      Day 27 – How to choose an online shopping site? Difficulties faced in it?

                      • 7 steps to do a test purchase on online stores?
                      • 2 easy ways to find whether the online shopping site is legit?
                      • How to track a lost courier parcel?


                      Day 28 – 3 Quick Steps to choose a new Computer Processor?

                      • Collect Details about latest processors
                      • Set Price range
                      • Compare benchmarks and finalize a processor

                      Day 29 – 5 Things to See When you Buy Motherboard

                      • How to select your motherboard?
                      • How to find the socket?
                      • Which Chipset you’d choose?
                      • Features Required / Offered
                      • Price range and expandability
                      • Reliable Brands

                      Day 30 – How to Buy the right Graphic Card within your Budget?

                      • 5 easy steps to choose the right Graphic card for you
                      • 2 strategies to buy a Graphic card, if you’re under a tight budget