How to Choose your Competitor?

The easiest and fastest route is to travel in the route, which someone has already traveled. This is the best way to do SEO for ECommerce websites.

  • You need to choose your first competitor.
  • Attain their search ranking.
  • Their level of sales.
  • Push them back.
  • Choose your next competitor.

Everything is easier said than done

Steve Maraboli

So, Who is your first competitor?

Let’s narrow down from a broad concept

who is your competitor
  • You cannot take a review website or a video blogging website or a direct news website as your competitor
  • So your competitive should be an eCommerce website. It should sell products in the category that you are about to sell or that you are already selling
  • Also that competitor should be as powerful as your website or a bit higher. That is in the position where you want to be, in the near future.
  • You cannot take Amazon or eBay as your first competitors, because they are already at the top position in the E-Commerce niche
  • Also you cannot take a website that have started just recently about 2 to 3 months ago website as your competitor, as they won’t be getting any sales.

4 Conditions to Choose Your First Competitor

Let me be somewhat accurate so that it helps you to decide your competitor

how your competitor should be
  1. The first criteria is that, it should be an eCommerce website
  2. The second most important criteria is the intersection of category of products that you and that competitive websites are selling
  3. Next comes the market reach. Also known as the traffic that the website gets on a daily or monthly basis
  4. If you want to differentiate a little bit from the previous point, then you can  search for a competitor, who is selling to the same area or country or city to which you are thinking or planning to sell

By analyzing these points you can collect a list of ECommerce competitors

Analyse SEO points
  1. Write down or collect as many competitors as possible.  once that is done, then you can move on to collecting the keywords and meta description of your competitors
  2. The following tools can help you collect the list of competitors
    • SpyFu
    • Alexa
    • Similarweb
  3. To use these tools, you should have already known at least one competitor in your niche. If not, then your website should already have at least a minimum level of establishment.
  4. If you are an entire newbie into this eCommerce website segment, that is,
    • If you haven’t even launched your website or
    • You have already launched, but still you are not getting at least 10 unique visitors a day
    • In such case, you should manually find an inspiring competitor as per the above said 4 conditions, so that you can fast forward your growth process to the level that your competitor is.
  5. That’s why you should not straight away choose an unachievable target like eBay or Amazon or Newegg

6 Step Growth Process: Top Keywords via Competitor Research

Time needed: 1 hour

Here is the 6 step process to grow your ecommerce website through SEO.

  1. Pick your first main Competitor

    First, you select a low to medium range competitor, who is certainly above your level both in terms of traffic and sales

    7 step growth process in ECommerce SEO

  2. Find top keywords of your competitors

    Then you will be targeting the keywords of that competitive website.

    Not only that website, you will also collect many such websites using the 3 tools I mentioned above.

    Then you will fast forward your growth process to the range of your competitive websites.

  3. Repeat the competitor research

    After doing that, then you should reiterate this process and choose another set of competitors in medium to high range of traffic and sales

  4. Building Trust, Value & Brand identity

    This is the reason, why you need to build more trust and relationship with your customers.

    After that, you should bring up or develop your brand identity, your unique value perception, invest more on marketing department and turn your new customers into returning customers and then again turn them into repetitive customers.

  5. Growing from a startup website to mid range site

    So your growth from Step 1 to Step 3 will be faster than your growth from Step 3 and 4.

    Once you have reached this medium to high status as in step 4,  you will reiterate the process again.

  6. Reach your ultimate goal

    But then, you should choose a high range competitor such as Amazon or eBay or some big shot in your field, which should be your lifetime target.  

    It’s all in your aim and ambition. If at all, you are satisfied in the medium to high range, then you can sit there and concentrate more on improving your customer relationship management, trust or getting more value out of your existing customers as in step 4.

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