What is keyboard and mouse?

Normally, when we look at a desktop computer we don’t notice the presence of keyboard and mouse, because they are usually placed on a slider beneath the monitor. So they are visible, only when the slider is moved out.

But when we sit before our computer, our hands will get itself placed on mouse and keyboard automatically, unnoticed by ourselves. This actually means a fact that we spend our most part of time with keyboard and mouse, when we use or interact with our computer.

But still, budget PC users don’t invest a decent amount of money in keyboard and mouse.


Because they don’t want to inflate their budget unnecessarily.

But, is it really unnecessary?

Certainly not.

A budget user wishes to have a colourful display, a faster processor, a feature rich motherboard, high capacity RAM, but he / she doesn’t care about their comfort.

Are you one among them?

So, How much you should you spend for a Keyboard and Mouse?

There is no certain answer for that.

But if you ask me, I will advise you to spend, at least Rs.1500 for keyboard and mouse combo for a casual user.

With that budget you have 2 options.

1.           Feature rich, comfortable, wired keyboard and mouse

2.           Mediocre wireless keyboard and mouse

Why we need a keyboard and mouse actually?

Keyboard and mouse are the peripheral devices of the computer, which have feelings, because, without them you cannot interact with computer, so easily.

Most of us will feel that Mouse is the most necessary device than keyboard, but the real fact is, you can do most of the tasks so easily and faster with keyboard than a mouse. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need mouse.

During the initial stages of the course, I’ve said that most of the old peoples don’t use keyboard at all, for day to day usages.

Even my Dad does so! (He has been handling computers for the past 2 decades).

Even, I was like him a few years before.

When I was studying in my collage, one of my friends asked me, “What’s the shortcut to open ‘My Computer’ without using mouse?”

I just got stunned and realised that I had missed knowing about such an important section in computer (Keyboard shortcuts). Don’t worry I’ll not bore you now by teaching those things.

Why’d you practice to use Keyboard often?

I wish to share another experience of mine with you all.

Once, when I visited an uncle’s house, he asked me to guide him to do video chat with his son, who was in a foreign country, through Internet.

I asked him to enter into his Gmail account. While entering into that he was searching for some number in keyboard.

After a while, I lost my patience and I asked him his password and typed myself.

When I had completed entering the password, he just starred at me.

I asked him, “why are you starring at me?”

He replied that he didn’t know that a Number pad section was available in keyboard, until that.

I have said this, just to make you understand a fact that when you don’t practice to use a keyboard often, you will make some easier jobs into tougher ones mouse.

Keeping these things aside, let’s enter into our core topic.

What are the latest advancements in keyboard and mouse?

Earlier, wireless mouse and keyboards were costly, but now they cost almost similar or just double, compared to the price of wired ones.

To avoid cluttering of wires behind the back of your computer table and to have more comfort, I always suggest wireless ones.

For example, when you watch videos, you can take the keyboard along with you to your sofa, to control the media player remotely.

Though there are different varieties of latest keyboard and mouse are available, they are not affordable for a normal budget user, so I just wish to share with you the different types of keyboards available.

1.     Ergonomic keyboards – better comfort and elegant

2.     Wireless keyboards – portable and can be used as remote

3.     Extra Function keys – e.g. Multimedia or Internet keyboards