What is RAM?

Like before, if I ask you What is RAM? Then it means “Show me the RAM”. RAM is one of the most easily accessible parts in computer.

So where is it?

It will be on right side of the processor, but in some high cost motherboards and latest Intel motherboards; RAM is situated on either side of the processor.

How will it look like?

If you have played video games in your childhood then you could have used video game cassettes. The bottom pin arrangements of RAM will look like that, but is very short and slim compared to them. There will be a series of chips embedded on it. These are small memory chips, joined together forms a RAM.

Why we need it?

You could have seen, how workers work in building constructions. For eg: let us assume that a stone load comes to a construction area and then the workers unload it.

But have you ever seen their way of unloading. Their method will involve a minimum of three members.

1.     Person in vehicle (lorry)

2.     Person in storage place

3.     One or more persons in between

Have you ever wondered why they do like that?

Also have you ever noticed that the speed of the work depends much on the speed and number of intermediate persons involved while unloading or loading such things?

Likewise, in computer, RAM works as such intermediate person. For eg: if you play a movie from your hard disk, then a segment of such movie will be loaded into RAM and then processed by processor or graphic card and finally displayed in the monitor.

How it works?

Let me give you another example about multitasking. Children usually remember the remainders in calculation using fingers.

Assume that I have given them the following calculation

     Boy1 : a+b = c

Boy2 : b – a +c = d

Boy3 : a+b+c+d

In the above example boy 2 has to wait until boy 1 Completes his calculation of ‘c’, also boy 3 should wait until boy 1 and 2 completes.

But under multitasking, these things should be done simultaneously. How?

Step 1. Boy 1 will calculate ‘C’, simultaneously Boy 2 will calculate (b-a) and store the rest in RAM. Boy 3 will calculate (a+b) and store the rest in RAM.

Step 2.     Boy 2 will calculate ‘D’. Boy 3 will calculate the ‘remainder stored’ + ‘C’ and store it back in RAM.

Step 3.     Boy 3 will calculate the result

Thus RAM helps in multitasking. So that’s why users require a large amount of RAM, who do high level of multitasking. But that’s not the only case, because today most of the computer software are highly threaded, which means a single program functions as multitasking programs, using multiple cores of the processors simultaneously.

Difference between DDR2 and DDR3

At present DDR RAM is completely absolute, only DDR 2 and DDR 3 are in existence. Again, I’m not going to explain you what is DDR RAM, but rather I just want to mention a difference between DDR2 and DDR3.

1.     Basically DDR2 RAM and DDR3 RAM are different pin wise too. A DDR2 will not sit in a DDR3 slot and vice versa.

2.     DDR3 is faster than DDR2.

If you buy a computer today, without any doubt you will be using a DDR 3 RAM, but if you’re upgrading an old PC, then see your motherboard box which RAM it supports?

Besides these there are some other important aspects exist in RAM that is you should know How much RAM you will need? We will see about these things in detail tomorrow.