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1. Animation in PowerPoint + Animated Video Presentation

Dr. Shandra Terrell Williams says – This course is well-organized. The lectures are interesting and each slide represents advanced PowerPoint techniques. This course demonstrates engineering type thinking made plain enough for everyone to understand. I highly recommend everyone to take the course. It is well worth it and is a definite career boost! Thank you Arun for the course.


2. Learn Science Drawing + Cartoon Drawing in PowerPoint

Thomas Dupacq says“Very useful course on how to draw with MS PowerPoint. I really appreciated all the tips and tricks. I do recommend”


3. Design Animated YouTube Channel Outros with PowerPoint

Design 5 YouTube Channel Outros quickly & Animate those Outros using PowerPoint 2013 or later

Nawab Kabir says, “Excellent course. The instructor showed every step to complete a task. Would gladly take another course from the same instructor.”

Ezekiel K Sokoh says, “Now i can make those eye popping YouTube outro videos with PowerPoint. This course is amazing. Its easy to follow along, short and to the point. Thanks Arun and Aarthi”


4. The Complete Audio Recording + Editing Course for Instructor

Kimberly Sheridan says, Any new Udemy instructor knows how frustrating it can be to invest so much time and energy into creating their course only to have the Udemy Review Team reject it for poor (or noisy) audio when they thought it sounded fine when they submitted their course for review. Every week, I see frustrated instructors posting messages begging for help in figuring out *why* their audio is being rejected and *how* to get their course approved so they can start earning a return on all the investment they’ve made in creating their course. While Arun does recommend buying a software, when there are other free options, he correctly teaches that in order to get a professional result, you’re going to have to invest a little bit of money. While hobbyists might be able to slide by with free software (if they have a really quiet, echo-free recording environment & a quality microphone), anyone seeking to earn a living on Udemy should view buying Adobe Audition & this course as worthwhile investments that will easily give them a return on investment within their first few sales.

Marguerite Beaty says, “I have been struggling with my sound quality quite a bit. I was able to fix a few things, more by luck. This course helped me understand how to work with Audition and how to create a good sounding audio tape. I think that everyone who is thinking about an online course, podcasting or anything that has to do with sound should take this course. This class is very clear. It’s an extremely well organized class and it’s easy to follow. Congratulations!


5. Free vs Paid Domain and Hosting: Install WordPress website

Adam Bell says, “Arun does a great job of explaining things and covers everything step by step. He is also persistent and helping customers learn when they need help. This course is great!”

Michael Tidd says, “This is a great short course on things to consider and recommendations for selecting a domain, host and installing WordPress. It can be completed in less than an hour The tip on installing locally is great as you can test setup and functionality to get familiar and up and running right away.”


6. E-Commerce WordPress Website: The Complete Course

Riaz Mohamed says, “This is a comprehensive course on creating an eCommerce website using WordPress. Instructor Arun takes the course in a very exciting and entertaining manner and caters to all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. Highly Recommended.”

Daniel Cure Velasquez says, “If you wanna learn from the best, this is the course for you. I never purchase online courses but this is different, this is a complete guide about how to develop e-commerce sites . our teacher is excellent person, very committed and willing to help at all time.”


7. SEO 2016 Training: Complete SEO for WordPress Website

SEO for WordPress – Rank #1 on Google and other search engines with SEO 2016

Md Tangeer Mehedi says, “Its very helpful. I know entry level seo but now i can learn it properly. Its step by step instruction. Thanks”

Danial Ashrafi says, “For Newbies it is a thousand time better course than others”

Timothy Izquierdo says, “I’m a beginner in seo. Everything dealt till now in technical seo factors are stuff that we do/write in daily blogging. But each of them are dealt from an advanced perspective. Still, it’s so easy to learn. Every concept is said, what it’s? why it should be done? when it is to be done? how it should be done? based on the research graphs which is shown for each & every concept. I’m simply blown away!”

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